Our kids have been attending CCA for a year and we fully believe they are in an amazing space. Their program is student focused and brings both an academic and hands-on approach that resonates with our busy children. We love that everyday prayer and Bible study is a priority for both the students and staff which makes us excited for their own spiritual journey in knowing Jesus. If asked what makes CCA stand out among other schools, we would say the teachers. It is their investment of time, prayer and heart that speaks volumes to us. We love knowing that even if we are not with our kids, they are being loved on, held accountable and encouraged to fulfil their God given purpose.

– Kathleen and Adam McInnis, Parents 
I went to CCA for my last 3 years of high-school and graduated in 2012. What I love about CCA is the close knit family you feel with each other, the smaller classes, more one on one time with the teachers, knowing my kids are getting a great education, the open communication they have with the parents, and knowing my kids are getting a Christian based education. My daughter and son both love CCA and talk so highly of their teachers. I love that I can have a relationship with their teachers as well. It's great to have experienced CCA as a student and now as a parent who has a child there. I highly recommend CCA to anyone and you will be so happy you sent your child there.

– Deanna Wall,  Alumni (2008)

I have two children that currently attend CCA and love it! The staff at CCA are kind, caring, and make such a deep positive impact on my children. Not only do my kids learn a beautiful curriculum, but they also have amazing support with the teachers, which builds their confidence academically and in general. My oldest child has come leaps and bounds since attending CCA socially and academically and I will forever be grateful. I can’t wait to send my youngest in the next couple of years!

– Brooke Copeland-Paul, Parent
As alumni ourselves, it was a very easy decision for us that our children would also attend CCA. From an academic perspective, we both attended post-secondary and felt very prepared for what University and College demanded of us. However, growing up in a school that valued our faith journey just as much as our academic journey was far more priceless. Looking back on our time at CCA, now as parents, we appreciate that aspect even more. When your 6 year old says, “Alexa! Play The Fruit of the Spirit coconut one” and starts singing at the top of his lungs you can’t help but smile and be incredibly grateful that our children are being taught by some of the most wonderful Christian educators we could ever ask for.

– Zach & Kelsey Withrow, Parents
I appreciated the generally small class sizes, which encouraged more one on one academic help from teachers. There was a strong focus on academics, as well as spiritual growth.

– Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, Alumni
I am privileged to be able to serve the Lord by teaching at CCA. Every day I get to not only interact with young people as I teach academics, but also be involved in presenting Christ to them. It is a joy to have a small part in influencing young people for Christ.

– Colin Murphy, CCA Staff
Every day we feel blessed to be a part of the CCA community. It was important to us that our children would have access to a Biblical education, but also that our family would be part of a small school community; a place where our children would feel safe and supported, and a place where we, as parents, could participate and support school activities. CCA delivers on both. We are so impressed by the professionalism and compassion displayed by the staff at CCA. Specifically, we would like to acknowledge Mrs. Swim's Pre-primary program. The program offers a fun, creative, and meaningful introduction to school and learning. Everyday our daughter comes home with crafts and worksheets and stories of her amazing day at school.

– Jennie and Craig Johnson, Parents
Until I became staff at CCA, I had no idea how much our children are truly loved. I get emotional when I talk about my 'behind the scenes' view of the school. I can honestly say, our kids are in the best hands and valued beyond words! Superior education, sound teaching and hearts overflowing!

– Tasha Stokdijk, CCA Staff & Parent

Had I not moved to CCA I would not be where I’m at now spiritually and professionally.

– Scott Newbury, CCA Alumni

Colchester Christian Academy was the #1 reason we moved to Colchester from out West when we came in 2018 – we were looking for a Christian school and many options are not available in this Province for parents who want a Christian focused education. We are grateful for this school to be in such a wonderful area of the province. 

Since enrolling our children when we moved here our girls are in God's word everyday and praying together in class which is not an option in a public school, and again we are grateful for this. 

The teachers at CCA have reached out to us 1 on 1 regarding our girls learning to get us involved, keep us informed, and ensure that the kids are doing well in their studies. We again are very thankful for the teachers at CCA that really care for our girls and all the kids in the school. 

It is important as a family that CCA reinforces our values as a Christian household, and this is done daily at the school teaching our children about God's word so they can grow strong in their faith. 

CCA has been a great way to connect with other parents at the school and create friendships when we move to the area that we have been blessed with. The parents get together, connect on the playground, and make a point to be involved in the school. CCA is our 2nd Church family. 

CCA has involved our family in our children’s learning by offering us to assist at the school through reading to them, helping in the gym , going on field trips, and working on crafts in class. CCA was also instrumental in creating a consistent environment for learning through the Pandemic. CCA was able to move to online learning quickly when lockdowns happened, and in this way the girls did not have to miss a single day during these tough times. 

We are blessed to have CCA in our community.

– Matthew and Martina Ward, Parents