Tell me about your school…

Colchester Christian Academy (CCA) is a private, Christian school offering a quality, engaging education for students from Pre-Primary through to Grade 12. CCA’s educational programs are student-centred, well respected with proven results, and the atmosphere is indicative of Christian values.

Where are you located?

We are located in Bible Hill, NS. 66 East Court road houses our Lower Elementary- Middle school. Right down the street we have our Coupar Campus which is the home of our High School Campus at 291 Pictou Rd.

Is there a dress code?

We ask that all students dress modestly. More information can be found on the General Info page.

How does the academic program compare with the Public School?

CCA curriculum is challenging, but smaller class sizes allow for a positive student:teacher ratio and this means strong support for each individual student. Students needing extra help are always supported and strategies are put in place between home/teacher/school to provide as much opportunity for success as possible. Homework is assigned according to grade level, and the student is responsible to complete this. CCA’s curriculum mirrors the Nova Scotia curriculum in several grade levels.

What does CCA cost?

We work with families to make our tuition rates as affordable as possible, and have multiple payment options. Families with more than one child enrolled receive a family discount. Please see our Admission page for current tuition rates and fees.

Are there options open to help with the cost of tuition?

We understand the sacrifice that tuition costs are for some families as so we do our best to find a payment plan that will work for each situation. We have a Tuition Assistance Program that can help out families that meet the criteria (ask for an application form). Cheryl McLeod is our School Treasurer and can answer detailed questions about payment options. Her contact information can be secured via the school office.

Is CCA a school for Christian families only?

CCA is an open enrolment school, meaning that students from any faith are welcome. CCA offers a safe place for young people to seek and grow in their faith and learn about God.

How do you incorporate faith-based content and principles on a day-to-day basis at CCA?

In addition to Bible Class and prayer to start each day, our curriculum uses Biblical principles, applied to everyday life. CCA teachers and staff are all Christians so this translates to a positive and uplifting school. It is our goal to partner with parents to instill confidence in their children, so they are well prepared to move into adult life with a firm foundation not only in academics, but also in character – honesty, integrity, responsibility and compassion.

What is offered in the Pre-Primary program and Primary program?

Our programming for Primary (age 5 by December 31) and Pre-primary (age 4 by December 31) offers a foundation of the academics in a structured but fun program, with lots of play included throughout the day. This foundation will prepare them for all the other learning in the grades to follow.

Can my high school student go to post-secondary with a diploma from CCA?

Yes! Our high school diploma mirrors the Nova Scotia High School diploma, and it is well recognized in post-secondary institutions. Many of our graduates have gone on to become: engineers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, professional musicians, and more! Many receive scholarships and we have various university reports of how well-prepared our grads are for the challenges of post secondary studies.


A school tour is the best way to discover everything Colchester Christian Academy has to offer.
Make an appointment to visit our school, drop in to a class, and meet the people who make CCA the School that students and parents love. Our Admission Team looks forward to meeting with you.